Our Template-Base Plans

Basic Sites

    Our Personal Plan includes:
  • Up to 3 Pages
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Gallery of images
  • Page created in HTML
  • Technical Support
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Premium Sites

    Our Small Business Plan includes:
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Location of your business using Google map.
  • Basic Web Optimization
  • Page created in HTML
  • 1 year technical support
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Showcase Sites

    Our Show Case Plan includes:
  • Up to 7 Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Location of your business using Google map
  • Animated Header
  • Full Web Optimization
  • Content Management System
  • Bing and Google Submission + Sitemap
  • Statistics with Google Analytics
  • 1 year technical Support
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E-Commerce Sites

    Our E-Commerce Plan includes:
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Administration Panel
  • Add and Modify New Products
  • User Registration
  • Online Payment Gateway PayPal
  • Search Terms on Products
  • Sending Email Newsletters
  • Contact Form
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Our Custom-Made Plan

Web sites solutions just tailored for you, with multiple features:

  • Unlimited categories* Admin panl, customers can add and modify new products.
  • User Registration.
  • Online Payment Gateway Psaypal.
  • Search termns or internal products.
  • Sending email newsletters to registered users.
  • Modules climate, currency, statistics, surveys, video, time ( if required).
  • Contact Form.
  • SiteMap ( web distribution pointing to the search engines ).
  • Technical Support.
  • The page may be self-administered under the platform CMS ( oscommerce, virtuemart, magento).

Our Clients

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Static HTML sites
CMS Sites

Development time

Sometimes quicker to build; more time-consuming to maintain   Sometimes take a bit longer to build, but much quicker and easier to maintain


Built using Dreamweaver, the industry-standard commercial Web development software. Dreamweaver is installed on individuals computers and costs about $400. You will need to buy Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor and know HTML in order to update your site   Built using Joomla! software, wich is open-source and free of charge. Joomla! is installed on the server - the computer where your Web site is stored and broadcast to the world - so you can access it from anywhere and update your site from any computer you want

Site Scoupe

Best for small, brochure-type sites without a lot of ever-changing content.   Good for sites of any site that change frequently, including interactive features.

Make your own changes

There are some limited ways to make simple changes to your content (text and images)   It's easy to change your text and images any time using Joomla!, and with a our training, you can also do more complicated stuff like adding or removing pages.


Would you like to have a blog, where you can white about latest news or get on a soapbox? I can help yoy get set up with Blogger ant integrate the blog into your site design.   Blogs are an integrated frature of Joomla! You can easily add news or white articles any time you like, to keep your site fresh.

Other interactive features

Interactive features, like message boards, a shopping cart, polls, or a calendar of events can sometimes be embedded in your site with the help of outside service providers.   Joomla! has thousands of free or low-cost extensions that allow for just about any feauture you might need. Want to add a shopping cart, build an online community, or just show cute pictures of your cat at random? Joomla! has an extension for it.